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“Our company was built on partnerships.  Not forgetting our roots, we make partnering a priority in the way we deliver services to customers, and we make time to mentor smaller businesses who strive to do the same.”


David Burnley, Sr., President/CEO



One of the United States' top industrial contractors, we serve clients across industries including automotive, manufacturing, and others.

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We provide quality construction services to meet the needs of a customer that operates in a competitive market.

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Commercial Education

We serve K-12 and collegiate customers including Detroit Public Schools, the University of Michigan, and others.

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Commercial Health

Our success in the medical sector comes as a direct result of a diverse background, reliance on our core principals and innovative thinking.

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Safety is our Foundation – Build On It

The success of our safety program involves every member of our team, from the President to the latest new hire.  Safety is engraved in each employee as priority number one!  The strategy of our safety program involves extensive training, daily safety meetings at our job sites, open dialogue and pro-active response to ensure we eliminate every potential for risk and that everyone is accountable for safety.  Here at DIG we don’t just talk safety – we build on it!

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University of Michigan – Ford Motor Company Robotics Building

Pleased to announce a new award contract by University of Michigan to build a new four-story facility for its Ford Motor Company Robotics Lab, approximately 140,000 gross-square-feet.

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